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Short Bio.


Halifax based Television director-turned-songwriter Bill Jardine has fallen into the hearts and homes of Atlantic Canadians through his musical TV series “The Listening Room” and his beloved “Home For Christmas!” special. Since his “Magical Worlds” debut in 1999, Bill has crafted an extensive catalogue blending fingerstyle guitar with touching storytelling. Bill performs it all with his friendly, seaside stage presence transforming each show into a treasured experience.  James Taylor, David Gates, Harry Chapin, and Jimmy Buffett meet backstage… “Bill Jardine performance is much more than just an ordinary musical show; it’s an intimate literary experience, infused with an amazing voice and beautiful music.” - Ella Leving Concert host

Long Bio.

Bill Jardine has always been a rambling man with an inquisitive spirit. As a young man in his 20s he wandered through seven educational institutions studying everything from engineering to art looking for something that would satisfy his curious nature. He eventually found it in the television profession and went on to spend 25 successful years editing and directing TV shows like Theodore Tugboat and National Geographic’s the SEAHUNTERS. Still, all the while, he had a love for music that he fostered and developed and knew would someday blossom into a bustling career. 


After learning of a famous musician who had come back from England and took up residence just down the street from where he lived, Bill took a sample of the hundred songs he had written to date and knocked on the door of Kevin Scott McMichael – “I just died in your arms tonight” fame. Impressed by his talent Kevin agreed to produce his debut record and soon after “Magical Worlds” was released. The year was 1999. Unfortunately and very tragically shortly after the release Kevin died of cancer leaving Bill without his musical mentor. Together with this tragic news and having become a new father Bill would put choose to put his music on the back burner and begin his long stint making his television documentaries.


Still, he wrote songs. When the Internet arrived and Facebook became the prominent vehicle to reach fans, Bill, with his gregarious and friendly nature, performed and posted new songs on his page – one per week. After posting 200 songs he stopped to reassess, recap and to begin to make demos for his sophomore record Family Matters which he is currently working on and is now due out early 2024.


It's been a long and winding musical road for Bill with so much of it spent alone in a room with just his guitar. Still, he wouldn't change a thing and now after retiring from his television work he plans to follow through on his lifelong dream – to work in music full-time. This means more songs, performances and video releases to come in the future.  


Along with producing records for himself, using his well earned television skills he plans to produce music videos and programs that go along with them. The first example of this is his beloved Christmas special “Bill Jardine’s Home for Christmas!”. He also created a half hour TV series for the local cable network entitled “The Listening Room” which features 40 of his original songs over 9 1/2 hour episodes.


For this holiday season, Bill is releasing a new Christmas song called Bethlehem Story. Teaming up with talented musician and arranger John Noseworthy the song is an upbeat, toe tapping, sing-along Christmas song- complete with bells and choirs of angels - that chronicles the Nativity story of how Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Released across Canada to all religious radio stations as well as some AC the song could easily have crossover appeal and become a holiday favourite across the country. 


So lots to look forward to this holiday season and in the upcoming year 2024. His slogan is “Enjoy the music!” which is something he always has done and he hopes you will too!  To learn more of Bill’s blooming career visit                or if your here already - explore the site and Enjoy The Music! 

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