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     I am having fun performing down Pete's every Saturday from 1-5 ; such a wonderful staff and very nice patrons. They ask me to perform three hours and I happily give them four because I want to experience of performance and enjoy the singing so much. As the weeks go on I am learning a lot about performing and more and more am performing my own songs. Of the over 40 songs I sing as many as 30 are my own. What I am trying to do is to continue to write songs that meet the standard and blend in with to some of the masterful work of James Taylor and all those hits that have lasted through the years.

     I want to thank everyone who offer kind words of encouragement during my performance as it really does help and truly is encouraging. Whether its a look, a silent clap or a thumbs up I do see you and I thank you. After I am home I remember the gestures and it warms my heart to know that someone enjoyed the music. 

    A special thing that I do instinctively is for those who, by chance, happen to sit and eat ( or visit) my little perch where I stand during the performance I give them the gift of a CD as a way of introducing myself. Certainly, if you are on the floor of Petes and would like a complimentary CD of Magical Worlds please don't hesitate to come up and get one. It truly is my pleasure. 

   My plans for a library tour are coming to Fruition and I have dates scheduled for Spryfield, Tantallon and Dartmouth; see my calender for details. Well  , I hope to see you at Pete's Fine Foods on Spring Garden, the Libraries or somewhere down the road.  Take Care. -  Bill



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