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Inspirations: by Bill jardine!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Bill Jardine is a singer/songwriter, avid reader and filmmaker who will be making 2022 a pivotal year to challenge himself with a “bucket list” of goals! His aspirations include: to write 22 new songs, read 22 new books, perform 22 different venues, investigate 22 Youtube lectures, lose 22 pounds and travel to 2 new destinations - first, a trip to Goose Bay Labrador, to visit his niece ad family in February and then second, a 14 day walk 200 mile walk on the Camino in the north of Spain in June. For each of these entries he will write a brief synopsis and bullet point description of each entry. This new Blog Inspirations by Bill Jardine will be the place where he chronicles his efforts by posting his progress three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The goal of Inspirations by Bill Jardine is to inspire himself and his readers to begin to do something that has been in the works for a while but never really started. By watching Bill go out and try and possibly fail hopefully will be inspiring and provoke the followers to get going on something. His motto is Let’s get going!!

Whether you a music lover, a life long learner, an avid reader or a travel bug I’m sure this postings will both entertain and inspire you to follow your own dreams and aspirations.

"Basically, I'm thinking I have 15 days to do each of my 5 things on my lists. I feel that fact will challenge me to get organized and be efficient more with my time. I’m curious to find out who I will be on the other side of things - when I hit all my 22’s!”

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