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Seth Godin welcome to the revolution Blog video 2 of 22

Who is this for and why Watch?

If you need some motivation on starting your “Practice”. A project you care about and are willing to offer your brand of it to the world.

My Three takeaways

  1. You can develop skills! It just takes time and effort.

  2. Let the change you make be for one person at first then expand.

  3. At the end of the day - what happened because you went to work. Who are you seeking to change? And did it work?

This was a good one. I give it about 8 out of 10 for being catchy and informative and motivating. Makes me want to start my "practice". Actually he was the major inspiration for me committing to my 5-22's in 2022. :-)

His points as I perceived them..

1. There is a revolution going on.

You can’t step in the same river twice. Things haven’t been better.

Revolutions destroy the perfect and enable the impossible.

Things can be perfect; were playing the game perfectly; things are lined up, working well and perfect seems good enough. Now today is changing and everybody wants to get back to normal but today there is no "old" normal.

2. Ask yourself "Are you a leader?".

We came from an industrial age - management vrs. leadership

Management gets things done in a reliable way.

Leadership is voluntary and sigh up to change the game.

You have to be willing and ready to say - this might not work!

Leadership is exploring the edges of life. Finding problems and then solving them.

3. Ask yourself.. "Are you serious about changing the game?"

On a blank page write Problem on one side.. Solution on the other.

Then pass it to the next guy.

After reading are you willing to take the suggestions?

People already know the solutions. But there is a cost involved. So they don't act.

Not really important what the solution is .. just knowing that there is a one and whether you are willing to make change happen is what’s important. Has to do with inside commitment and awareness.

Fear of being wrong; Fear of change = Resistance. Overcome it.

4. Ask yourself .. What do you make?

At the end of the day - what happened because you went to work.

Who are you seeking to change?

What change are you wanting to make?

Everything you do should be in support of that.


Sometimes to do your job you have to do the unpopular. Zoom calls can be wasteful.

Let’s make our meetings shorter. How could we make them into a google doc.

Time is something you don’t get back. You can be using it to solve real problems.

What is the point of every meeting? - How are we going to move this forward?

5. Ask yourself .. Are you enrolled in the journey?

It’s easy to see video on things. Most people don't finish.

You have to enroll. Think small changes.

If your are on a flight from a to b to end up off course you change ½ degree every ½ hour

It's the gradual shifts that lead to change. ( its like driving from a to b at night - you can only see what is directly in front of you but you end the end get there because you are on your way!!)

6. Do you think that your hands are tied!

Where is the authority? How do I get my boss to say yes?

Don't be afraid of responsibility? And give away credit.

You can do anything if you give away credit.

Choose to decide you want to change the game.

Choose your projects. Choose your future. Don't worry about failure.

Things happened. Then what? Sometimes you lose. That’s ok.

If you had tomorrow to live over again - would you?

What part of the job do you stand for.

Not to be the best but the only one - the unique one.

You have the opportunity to see the world as it is and enroll in a journey.

7. The Power of 10

Change your attitude and persuade just one person.

Start a mastermind. Get enrolled in your own growth. Change your attitude.

Resumes are a crock. Show me where you failed, have tried, have gone out on a limb.

Where is your agility and desire to breakthrough.

We are able to do work that matters for people so let's do it?

Get out there and make a Rukis.

8. Talent and skill are different.

You develop skills. These are choices. Empathy, patience, listening are skills.

Develop soft skills. Pick one and commit to be a little better about that thing.

Develop a specialist mindset on your own personal skillset(s).

Example: Imagine you are in a room full of work contemporaries. Pick the 3 best people in the room. Do you think anyone wrote down your name? What would you have to do to get chosen? Get enrolled in your own personal change / development.

9. Last advice? Commit to a practice. Do the same thing every day.

Develop a practice to changing a game that you care about.

Ok! Now that was inspiring. I think I’ll pick a couple of things to improve on. Like maybe being a more engaged listener and passing out more compliments. There is a great app called “Way of life” that I have found that tracks daily habits change. I highly recommend it. Onward and upwards!!

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