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Marilyn Ottoni you just keep on impressing your audience, week after week - sure do hope your inspiration continues! Awesome!


Crystal G. Mann  The first line pulled me in. What an incredible story to tell. I choked up before I could finish reading out the last two lines. You're Here With Me is a perfect title. The heart muscles remember ten times more than the mind. The courage and love from both the donor and recipient are honoured well. I love that.


 Moira Sheil, dear Mr Jardine first of all may all say that you are a fantastic songwriter, singer, and musician.The song; [You're here with me.] is so very touching it had me in tears, as I could relate to the story of the song it was so beautiful thank you. I look forward to listening to more of your recordings.

 What more is there to say about your songs besides amazing. .fantastic bill ...keep the original title I would say ...I loved this heartfelt touching song and it made me cry all the way through the song


Annie Mae..I love your songs but this one really Reach the Heart . Thank for sharing you are totally awesome singer song /writer bill


Mark L Adams Very nice, What Country should be.


  • The three of us, who were all mothers, cried and were very moved by your 9 minute song.  Hope you come again thank you! 

  • Love the stories and songs! - Beth

  • Thank you for sharing your music and yourself. Beautiful concert.- Dan

  • The best $10 I spent in one hell of a long time! Wonderful afternoon thank you!

  • What a wonderful afternoon of music and stories. I will be at another concert for sure and maybe back here with a little more advertising please. - Jim

- What a great show especially the veteran ballads- Paul Murphy

- Perfect repertoire for the venue in the AFT.

- Songwriting was wonderful and inspirational... your voice is charming.





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